A code monkey in Research

One developer's view of (a little bit of) Microsoft Research, Cambridge

More easy IPC

Last time I talked about .NET Remoting and concluded that it was very nice for .NET to .NET communication, but not much use for anything else – and it’s deprecated too. How’s a lazy programmer like me meant to get other sorts of applications talking to each other with minimal effort? I still think that WCF… Read more

Easy peasy IPC-sy

Windows provides a wide range of inter process communication mechanisms, from very low level sockets (which can easily be used from managed applications too) to much more sophisticated WCF. However, the lighter weight ones tend to require a lot of fiddling with message structures and processing, and the heavier ones are, well, rather costly for simple… Read more

Phone magic

If you’ve never come across Scam School before, do take a look at it – it normally offers a bit of entertainment on a Thursday. One in particular caught my eye recently: there have been a few episodes using smart phones as props in magic tricks, but in this one Greg Rostami does something clever… Read more