A code monkey in Research

One developer's view of (a little bit of) Microsoft Research, Cambridge

What’s in a window?

It’s probably not too surprising that one of the important bits of functionality in Project Colletta is relating a window on the screen (a HWND to be precise) to a document, in particular, to the file path of the document appearing in that window. The VSTO APIs provide access to document details for all of… Read more

I’ve only ever written one application

Actually, I mean, I’ve only ever written one application startup – in the same way I’ve only ever written two make files, one for applications and one for libraries, I just keep changing the words… OK, that’s obviously a facetious statement, but it is true that almost all my .NET desktop applications have a very… Read more

NoReplyAll Lite

So far, all of the Office add-in work I’ve been talking about here has been based on VSTO, but some users of NoReplyAll have complained about having to install the .NET Framework (or, in some cases, install whatever version I’d chosen to use, because they’ve standardised on an earlier one, and don’t want to, or… Read more

Collecting URLs part 2

Using Ctrl-Shift-C is quick and convenient, but only if you remember it; and moving the mouse pointer all the way down to the Notification Area really is far too much like hard work. How about adding a control to the browser itself? Well, it’s pretty easy to add something to Internet Explorer’s menu or toolbar,… Read more

Collecting URLs

Another one of those itches that need to be scratched: someone posted a query internally asking for tools that would copy URLs for all open browser windows to the clipboard. I don’t know if such a tool exists but I thought it would be a fun exercise to write one regardless, especially since I had… Read more

NoReplyAll Add-In 3.1

A new release is available today: fixed some resource locking problems, added support for 64 bit Outlook in the installer, and added self-BCC…. Read more

Add-in for 64 and 32 bit Office

My NoReplyAll add-in, which I’ve talked about before, uses absolutely nothing that ties it to 32 or 64 bit Outlook – it’s all “anycpu” with no architecture specific dependencies. However, the latest installer is 32 bit, with the result that the add-in won’t appear in 64 bit Outlook. This wasn’t a problem with a ClickOnce installer… Read more

Talking to myself

Someone at work here presented me with a poser: make Outlook include one’s own email address as a BCC when sending an email. I know you can check a box to get Outlook to CC yourself, and you can also get Outlook to save messages in the Sent Items folder, but he really wanted to… Read more

Doppler Four

Last time I had the basic Windows Store DirectX Doppler app working, and now it’s time to add the shader. To begin, effects are applied to images, which means I need to draw the waves on to some off-screen bitmap, and then render that via an effect. I’ll add some new members to WaveRenderer for… Read more

Doppler Three

The Doppler waves program has two bits of UI really: the “dynamic” wave drawing part, and the user interaction part, namely the slider. I could recreate a slider myself, or use some other interaction mechanism in my C++ DirectX variant of the program – the slider’s not a hugely complex bit of UI. Or I could keep… Read more