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One developer's view of (a little bit of) Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Doppler Two

Last time, I talked about a WPF application to demonstrate the Doppler effect; this time I’m going to look at a Win8 app. The starting point is the C# Windows Store application project template, of course, and then almost exactly the same Xaml content as before. The one and only change is that Win8 apps don’t support… Read more

Research Next

Research Next is a chance for us at Microsoft Research Cambridge to show off some of the work we do – Project Colletta gets a brief outing at the most recent, held a couple of weeks ago. If you look carefully, you’ll see that it’s working with Office 2013 now – release coming soon (I hope),… Read more

Doppler One

Professor Chris Bishop is well known round here for giving entertaining science talks aimed at young people – a few years ago he presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. Every so often Chris pops into my office to talk about a bit of software for a particular demo he wants to show – these are… Read more

Is your "new" menu too long?

Something that I find annoying is how many programs add items to the Windows Explorer “New” submenu (“New item” on the Windows 8 Explorer ribbon, or right click in the Explorer window and select “New”) that I really never, or very seldom, want to create directly. All this noise gets in the way of the… Read more

Updating NoReplyAll for Outlook 2013

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Outlook 2013 brings a few new features which I need to integrate with in NoReplyAll., the main one being ribbon changes when inline responses are used. The What’s new for Outlook 2013 developers article describes programmatic access to inline response objects. An inline response is indicated by the… Read more

NoReplyAll Add-In 2.6.1

A new version is now available for download: this one supports the Outlook 2013 preview, and includes a few changes to the handling of reply states of meeting requests. Outlook 2013 includes a missing attachment check, so I’ve disabled it in the add-in. Another feature of Outlook 2013 is an “inline response” mechanism – I’ve added appropriate… Read more

Version number update tool for Visual Studio 2012

Quite a while ago I presented a scrappy little macro I created to update version numbers in multiple Visual Studio projects. At the time I commented that Visual Studio 11 wouldn’t be supporting macros so, now that VS2012 has RTM’d, here’s a “port” to a C# version, using the Visual Studio Extensibility mechanisms. The starting… Read more

Outlook 2013 and NoReplyAll

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the Office 2013 Preview is now available. I’ve given my NoReplyAll Add-In a spin and it broadly seems to function as desired – three areas that need a bit of work are: It seems that Outlook 2013 includes a missing attachment detector (I’ve not come across any details… Read more

There’s more to Outlook than MailItems

I’ve published a new version of the NoReplyAll Outlook add-in with pretty much the only change being the addition of a no-forward button to meeting requests. As indicated in a couple of previous posts, everything in the add-in until this point has been implemented in terms of Outlook MailItem objects.A look around the object model will show you… Read more

AppNap settings page

The setting page for AppNap is a rather modified version of button list the main page: instead of clicking an entry to activate it, you click on an entry to be able to edit it. I think the politest thing I can say about my editing interface is that it’s functional! I chose to implement… Read more