A code monkey in Research

One developer's view of (a little bit of) Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Want to be a developer at Microsoft Research in Cambridge?

Socio-Digital Systems, one of the teams I work with, has an opening for a developer if anyone’s interested in coming to work here in Cambridge, England. The job ad reads:

The Socio-Digital Systems (SDS) group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary team focused on the creation of a broad set of new experiences enabled by novel technology, and driven by research into real people and real human needs. It is currently seeking a Research Software Development Engineer (RSDE) who will help the group develop, design, and test concept prototypes and probes. The work will entail participation in research problem definition, in rapid hardware development and software engineering, and will combine the use of bespoke solutions with the appropriate use of off-the-shelf technology. The work will require flexibility and collaboration with non-technical specialists.

The successful applicant will be a developer with experience in software design and implementation; self-motivated and capable of working independently; and have the ability to manage the full software development life cycle, including gathering requirements, design, implementation, writing and running tests, and creating professional-level product documentation. At the same time, they will need to be capable of quickly bringing together robust working prototypes.

Amongst their skills will be the ability to programme applications and experiences for both the Windows desktop and for the web. The candidate should have a high proficiency with C#, .NET, and Visual Studio and ideally some experience with WPF. They will need to develop Web applications, components and services using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, Silverlight, and JavaScript. They will also need to be able to develop Windows components using C++ and COM and be familiar with source code control systems.

Experience in working with geographically distributed and inter-disciplinary teams would also be helpful. It is assumed that they will have BS level education or equivalent, in a technical field such as mathematics, computer science, or electrical engineering.

If you move up that page a bit, you can select United Kingdom as the country and then Cambridge as the location to see the other handful of developer jobs here too. (If you’re interested in a more research-oriented role, the Microsoft Researcher Careers page is the place to go.)