My favorite Vista API – TaskDialogIndirect

Recently I have been doing a bunch of work to have the debugger better support Windows Vista. Windows Vista has a bunch of new APIs/API extensions, and I have seen a bunch of talk around the IO/Security improvements. While these do look pretty cool, TaskDialogIndirect is my favorite. TaskDialogIndirect is MessageBox for the 21st century. Here is why I love it:

  1. I am not a UI guy, but I am always a fan of good looking/usable dialogs. TaskDialogIndirect gets me a great looking dialog with nearly no work.

  2. Applications try to match the visual feel of the operating system. Its so easy this time.

Thanks Shell team!

Comments (2)

  1. Shell Blog says:

    For any developer building on Windows, you know there are two ways to build a dialog – roll your

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