My name is Gregg Miskelly. I am a developer on the Visual Studio team working on the debugger. I decided to start a blog because I couldn’t find any other blog that talked about Debuggers. I will probably also talk a bit about performance, since I currently do a fare amount of performance work. I might also talk about DCOM security since I know a lot about it. I would like to talk about all the fun things we are adding to the debugger in Whidbey, but that will need to wait for the beta...

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  1. Woo Seok Seo says:

    Nice to see you! I wanna be a debugger!! 😀

  2. asdf says:

    Are you guys ever going to implement a graphical data structure viewer like

  3. Gregg Miskelly says:

    Do you use this feature? I could see how this could be cool for visualizing a tree, but I don’t really see why it would be useful for a linked list. I would much rather visualize a linked list as an array then see a visual representation of the list. This only seems useful in CS 101.

    For Whidbey, you could do this fairly easily yourself for managed code. There is a new visualization architecture. Steve ( was playing around with a visualizer that would use Visio for doing these. I am not sure if he finished it, but you could ask him.

  4. asdf says:

    I was thinking more like graphs, trees, or other things that have pointers to itself. Last week I was debugging some funky singly linked list code that would merge nodes on some insertions. It would of been sweet to see a visual representation of the list and a node pointer point to different elements as it iterates and merges with the list nodes compared to the very pathetic expanding tree thing we have now. It certainly would of made the few edge cases faster to debug. And I was hoping for one that ran on unmanaged C/C++.

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