Team Foundation Service: Process template changes

With this latest Team Foundation Service update, we have updated the process template versions for all the templates. Agile and CMMI are at 6.1. Scrum is at 2.1. This reflects a few minor improvements we've made:

- For Agile, the User Story's state model has been updated to allow you to transition from any state to any other state.

- For Scrum, we did the same for Product Backlog Item and Bug.

- For CMMI, we corrected some bugs where the ResolvedBy, ResolvedDate, ActivatedBy, ActiviatedDate fields were not being set/cleared properly on some transitions.

We have noticed in the industry a desire to move towards a less restriction process flow. The implementation of the kanban board highlighted just how restrictive our work flow was.

For example, for Scrum, if you moved a tile from "New" to "Approved", you couldn't move back again!

This just seemed too restrictive and we fixed it.

It should be noted that we did not update the workflow of Requirements in the CMMI template, as we are assuming if people want this template, they want a more formal control over the work flow.

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  1. Srikanth Kammadanam says:

    This information is helpful.

  2. Vidas says:


    can you explain me the step where User story work item type is in Agile template and Product backlog item is in Scrum template ?!? Since when agile template is more accurate then scrum. Also agile template v6.1 contains bugs such as duplicate fielddefinitions which are throwing exceptions in TFS API. We are the developers of the TFS integration tool Eylean board ( and this confusion is causing some problems.

  3. Steffen says:

    Hey, is Scrum 2.1 compatible with Sharepoint 2010? I tried to create a Scrum 2.1 project but it fails. Error message says something like "The website template is not available for the local-ID (LCID). The name of the website template is "Projectportal from Team Foundation Server". The LCID is "1031"."

    I also tried and downloaded the Scrum template, changed the LCID to 1033 in the WssTasks.xml file and uploaded it again (under a different template name). Got the same error.

    I guess that I've to add the template to my SharePoint 2010 server somehow but I wasn't able to find the .wsp file, is there one?

  4. Bruce Cutler says:

    Thanks for doing this.  We've had requests for sometime to go to and from any state to any state.

    What I'd like to see is an option in the work item template that says "Allow any-to-any".  This way you don't have to specifically define every state transition, which, when we had 8-10 Kanban states way back when, was a spider-web of state transitions and very difficult to make sure you got them all.

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