Names changed for core WIT fields, and implications thereof

In work item tracking, there are several system fields that always exist in every work item type. These fields have both a reference name and a friendly name. The friendly name for some core fields have changed. They are: Reference Name Old Friendly Name New Friendly Name What release the change was introduced System.AreaID AreaID…


Resolving bugs using 2005/2008 clients on TFS 2010 RC

There is an issue where 2005/2008 clients connecting to a TFS 2010 RC server, with team projects created by RC versions of MSF Agile / CMMI process templates will encounter an error when resolving bugs. But there is a work around! First, the error. If, when in the above situation, you attempt to resolve a…


SharePoint Integration Troubleshooting Guide

Attached to this blog post is a guide that can be used to troubleshoot problems with SharePoint Integration. Troubleshooting Guide – Extensions for SharePoint Products.docx


Creating SharePoint Portals, Reports, and Upgrading Reports for an existing team project

In the Release Candidate, we have added the ability to do the following: · Create a SharePoint portal for a team project that was created without a portal · Create a reports site for a team project that was created without reports · Update reports for a team project with the latest versions available in…