Work Item Tracking Custom Controls

  (Many thanks to Hayder Casey, who provided this great write-up on work item tracking custom controls. He’s a developer who works on the TFS Work Item Tracking team with me. Thanks Hayder!) Custom Controls provide a mechanism to extend the work item form to include user developed controls. It enables various scenarios, that are…


TF252031: A SharePoint site could not be created for the team project collection. (HRESULT: 0x80040E09)

Full error message: “TF252031: A SharePoint site could not be created for the team project collection. The following error occurred: Server was unable to process request. —> Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E09” We have found that this error happens when you are creating a team project collection, mostly commonly here: During initial configuration, with Advanced or…


What I think about the younger generation of software professionals

I have an opportunity to teach Software Project Management as a part of a University of Washington night class. I’ve done this for 6 years. Each year, the class seems to be getting younger and younger, but I know its just me getting older. I’m 45, and most of the class looks 10-15 years younger…


Controlling which link types are displayed on a work item form

In 2005 and 2008 versions of TFS, the work item links control that displayed the links always showed all the links. For TFS 2010, we made a design decision based on the fact that whoever is designing a work item form, may want to display certain link types separately from other link types. For example,…


TFS 2010 – Customizing Work Item Link Types

(This is a re-post of information from the now deprecated blog: “Teams WIT Tools”) (3/2/2010: Updated post. Corrected picture for “Dependency” link type) With TFS 2010, you can define multiple work item link types. This allows for you to customize link types to match your processes. This blog post is a primer in how to…


Names changed for core WIT fields, and implications thereof

In work item tracking, there are several system fields that always exist in every work item type. These fields have both a reference name and a friendly name. The friendly name for some core fields have changed. They are: Reference Name Old Friendly Name New Friendly Name What release the change was introduced System.AreaID AreaID…


Resolving bugs using 2005/2008 clients on TFS 2010 RC

There is an issue where 2005/2008 clients connecting to a TFS 2010 RC server, with team projects created by RC versions of MSF Agile / CMMI process templates will encounter an error when resolving bugs. But there is a work around! First, the error. If, when in the above situation, you attempt to resolve a…


SharePoint Integration Troubleshooting Guide

Attached to this blog post is a guide that can be used to troubleshoot problems with SharePoint Integration. Troubleshooting Guide – Extensions for SharePoint Products.docx


Creating SharePoint Portals, Reports, and Upgrading Reports for an existing team project

In the Release Candidate, we have added the ability to do the following: · Create a SharePoint portal for a team project that was created without a portal · Create a reports site for a team project that was created without reports · Update reports for a team project with the latest versions available in…