Interested in working on the WPF team?

As you can see from this and other blogs, there's lots of exciting stuff going on in WPF these days, and we're hiring!  Ivo Manolov, our Test Manager has a post about job openings in Quality Assurance for WPF, including a posting for a Test Architect.  Also, here's a site that contains job listings for both Software Development positions and Quality Assurance positions.

Interested?  Check it out!

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  1. Yes !! where i have to sign?, that’s would be incredible.

  2. Uttam Gupta says:


    I am interested in working for Quality Assurance for WPF.

    I have extensively worked on Microsoft techologies in past but have been working as a Senior technical Business Analyst since last 4 years.

    I have keen interest in Microsoft technoloiges and have been a student of with c#.

    Kindly, let me know, what formalities I need to complete and what I need to do.

    Expecting your response.

    Thanks with regards,


  3. My latest links about WPF (Apps, Controls, 3.5sp1 beta, HowTo, for LOB), Silverlight, XAML and URLs WPF

  4. Greg Schechter says:

    Hi Uttam and GuerreroTook…  you can learn more about how/where to apply by following the links in the original posting.


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