A Series on GPU-based Effects for WPF

GPU-based Effects are a hot new feature in WPF for .NET 3.5 SP1.  I'm going to be blogging a series of articles with progressively more detailed information in them, and am using this post as a place to store a table of contents of these posts.  Here's what's out there so far:


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  1. Tim Sneath says:

    Today I’m excited to announce the public beta availability of a major new release of WPF. Since we shipped

  2. Today I'm excited to announce the public beta availability of a major new release of WPF. Since we

  3. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

  4. Mike Strobel says:

    Great series, Greg.  Keep it coming!

  5. Yesterday I did a brief post about " WPF 3.5 & VS 2008 SP1 Beta ".  Now I follow it

  6. VBandi says:

    Mint bizonyára hallottátok már, megjelent a .net 3.5 SP1 első bétája, vele a

  7. Blogs says:

    Yesterday the WPF team shipped some major horsepower features in the vastly understated preview Service

  8. heavenmaster says:

    Great work! I’d like to know more about D3DImage… especially how I can integrate XNA into WPF using this stuff.. is it possible?


  9. Todd says:


    Is it possible to view the new ShaderEffects in a VirtualBox virtual machine? In my early tests, BitmapEffects seem to work, but the ShaderEffects are not displayed at all.

    Are you aware if any of the the other VM products out there provide a virtual graphics card that supports the ShaderEffects?

  10. Greg Schechterのブログ に、.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 の GPU ベースのカスタムエフェクトのサンプルが掲載されています。HLSLのコードとWPFへのその組み込み方は

  11. The third major update of WPF has just been released as a Beta, as part of the .Net Framework 3.5 Service

  12. As you know the .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta download is now available. There are many improvements

  13. Here are some pretty comprehensive resources on the new features in our WPF SP1 release. Scott Guthrie’s

  14. 85 says:

    Who needs effects?

    Fix the programming model as the results it outputs scale pretty bad, bad, bad.

  15. Justin says:

    Is there a quick way to replace the old BevelBitmapEffect with the new Effect? Or is it something that customers have to build on their own?

  16. Очень серьезный и показательный пример использования возможностей WPF мировым ли

  17. Presentation: What’s new for Presentation Presenter: Mike Ormond ( http://mikeo.co.uk ) ASP.NET ASP.NET

  18. We just published a codeplex project with source for > 25 Pixel Shader effects and ~35 Transition

  19. Presentation: What’s new for Presentation Presenter: Mike Taulty http://mtaulty.com ASP.NET ASP.NET website

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