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I've cleaned up the source to ParallaxUi a bit and am attaching it to this post as a .zip file.  This has a VisualStudio solution that contains three VisualStudio projects:

  • ParallaxUi - the custom decorator that creates the Parallax UI and exposes properties like rotation and methods like "implode".

  • ParallaxUiTest - a simple test app

  • ParallaxXbapTest - pretty much the same as ParallaxUiTest, but housed in an XBAP.

The most interesting files to look at are ParallaxUi\ParallaxUi.xaml* and ParallaxUiTest\Window1.*

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  1. WPF Architect Greg Schecter has written a few really cool 3D transitions for 2D elements. We’ve gotten

  2. aCoder says:

    When trying to test the decorator in one of my existing xaml files, I get a compiler error with the following message: Error 40 Cannot set Name attribute value ‘MyPanel’ on element ‘StackPanel’. ‘StackPanel’ is under the scope of element ‘ParallaxUi’, which already had a name registered when it was defined in another scope.

  3. aCoder says:

    After some google searching, it seems this is a limitation of V1.0 of wpf. The solution is to go over the control’s source code, delete the xaml file declaring the resources used by the control and declare the resources in code, in the control’s constructor. This is a limitation of all user controls that have partial implementation in a xaml file. I hope this helps ppl who bumped into this "bug" when putting the decorator into their project…

  4. Já pensou em animar objetos 2D? Quem saber fazer uma entrada animada, com caixas de texto se movendo,

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