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Here's a list of topics that I have posted on (with active links) or expect to post on (without links) related to the Desktop Window Manager in Windows Vista.

If there are specific other topics you're interested in, please comment away.

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  1. ThomThom says:

    I’m interested in how third parties can create their own effects and manupulate the DWM. But I suppose that will come under "Publicly exposed DWM APIs"?

  2. ThomThom says:

    And one of the more spesific things is if it will be possible to customize the appearance Aero. At the moment we have Stardock’s WindowBlinds that allows us to customize the appearance of XP. Will the same be possible for Aero?

  3. I’m interested in how Open GL will play in the model too.  Today we are able to have higher perf thanks to h/w acceleration with OpenGL.  But it looks like Vista is forcing that to s/w mode and slowing things down.  Any thoughts on this front are appreciated!

  4. Eli says:

    One thing I noticed from the Vista beta was that CPU usage during video playback was much lower than it was on XP, and my laptop’s fan didn’t spin up on high-resolution video. Does the DWM have anything to do with changes to video playback or is that handled separately?

  5. Mike Dimmick says:

    John Schroedl:

    I looked into this a while ago, based on David Blythe’s presentation at WinHEC last year. At that time, if I recall correctly, the plan was as follows:

    If the video card manufacturer supplies an OpenGL ICD and the application chooses it, it will be used. If it’s a legacy ICD, because the ICD can’t be interrupted, DWM will switch off. There is apparently to be a new API for writing DWM-compatible ICDs.

    Otherwise OpenGL calls will go through an OpenGL to DirectX translation layer. The resulting DirectX calls will be interruptible and DWM will remain on. The translator will only support OpenGL 1.4 IIRC, not the latest 2.0.


  6. Matt Campbell says:

    As an access technology developer, I am especially looking forward to learning about magnification and accessibility under the DWM.  Thanks for providing all of this useful information.

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  9. As mentioned in earlier posts, by far the most important aspect of the DWM is the fact that application…

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