Sai Sireesh Predicts Top 10 Risk and Compliance Initiatives in 2011

In the last few months, many new regulations have been introduced impacting all major markets. They include the Dodd Frank reform in the USA, Liquidity Risk in the UK and Basel III in the EU and globally. Based on the changing risk and regulatory landscape, I predict the following top 10 initiatives in 2011. Am I on track? What do you think?

1. Basel III consultations for EU and global firms

2. New Liquidity Risk requirements for firms in the UK and Australia

3. Dodd Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Law - interpretations and implications for US firms 

4. Basel II, IFRS for those countries on delayed timelines

5. Solvency II for insurance companies

6. Electronic discovery (e-discovery) for US and global firms

7. Expanding and executing Operational Risk/Enterprise Risk Management initiatives

8. Technology Risk - potential for Cloud-based business models

9. Reputation Risk - Social Media usage for business

10. Environmental Sustainability & Compliance – Green IT

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