Jeff Jinnett: GRC White Papers, Online Articles and Blogs of Some Microsoft Partners

Microsoft has an extensive ecosystem of software and systems integration partners with offerings in the governance, risk management and compliance space[i].  The three areas of governance, risk management and compliance intersect to a certain extent and some Microsoft partners have solution offerings bridging all three topics, such as Open Text[ii]. Other Microsoft partners have offerings that are individually focused on governance, risk management or compliance. For example, Prodiance offers spreadsheet control solutions that can help companies comply with internal financial control requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and internal auditing standards, such as GTAG-14.


The following is a listing of some white papers and weblogs authored by Microsoft partners on GRC-related topics that our blog readers may find of value:


Open Text:

  • Blogs – “Meet the Experts”[iii], such as “FDIC Issues Alert re Sensitive Data on Fax Machines”[iv]


  • White papers, such as “Addressing Guidance from the IIA’s GTAG-14 for Auditing User-Developed Applications[v]
  • Blog “End-User Computing.Org”, such as “Cohmad Fined $200,000 in Madoff Case for Failure to Keep Spreadsheet Records”[vi]

Harland Financial Solutions:

  • White papers, such as “Ten Reasons to Move to Closed-End Lending” [due to changes to Regulation Z, effective July 1, 2010][vii]


  • White papers[viii], such as “Headlights into 2011: U.S. Financial Regulatory Reform A Game Changer for  Financial Services[ix]


  • Articles, such as “It’s All About Balance”, a risk management article in the Outlook online magazine[x]
  • Blogs[xi], such as the Accenture Security Blog[xii]


  • Dedicated website with materials on the International Financial Reporting Standards[xiii]

Lexis Nexis Insurance:

  • White papers, such as “Emerging Anti-Money Laundering Risks to Financial Institutions”[xiv]


[i] See e.g., the Microsoft “Governance, Risk Management and Governance Partner Solutions Guide”, located at  Microsoft partner solutions for specific GRC issues can also be located through the partner finder located here:

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