Jeff Jinnett: GRC White Papers, Online Articles and Blogs of Some Microsoft Partners

Microsoft has an extensive ecosystem of software and systems integration partners with offerings in the governance, risk management and compliance space[i].  The three areas of governance, risk management and compliance intersect to a certain extent and some Microsoft partners have solution offerings bridging all three topics, such as Open Text[ii]. Other Microsoft partners have offerings…


Sai Sireesh: Key Findings – Future State of Risk 2010 Survey

In my previous blog, I broadly covered the release of the “Future State of Risk 2010” survey which was commissioned jointly by and Microsoft. In addition, I briefly covered the summary in a webinar last week to over 120 professionals. The webinar was well received and followed by multiple requests for a survey copy….


Jeff Jinnett: Dodd-Frank Legislation: Some Post-Passage Developments

On the eve of heading off on vacation, I decided to post on some developments that have occurred post-passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: A. M. Best announces it will not permit its ratings of insurance companies to be cited in registration statements and related prospectuses, since that could expose…


Sai Sireesh: Future State of Risk & Compliance 2010 – Global Benchmark Survey

Today, September 8, 2010, PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers International Association) and Microsoft jointly released a 2010 survey on global trends and industry views of the future of risk management and compliance. The survey provides a benchmark to risk and compliance practitioners across both financial and non-financial sectors. In addition, it is one of many initiatives…


Jeff Jinnett: SEC Adopts Final Rule on Proxy Nominations for Board of Directors

My June 29th blog posting on this topic noted the Dodd-Frank legislation authorizes the SEC to issue rules granting shareholder access to management’s proxy statement for the purpose of nominating directors to the board.  On August 25, 2010, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a final rule entitled “Facilitating Shareholder Director Nominations”[i]. Under the…


Sai Sireesh: Solvency II & US Insurance Solvency Framework

I have been following emerging risk management regulations in the insurance industry with great interest. The two major Insurance Risk and Prudential regulations on the horizon with global impact are:   1.      Solvency II in Europe 2.      US Insurance Solvency Framework   Both regulations cater to the specific operating modalities of their respective markets, but…


Jeff Jinnett: Whistleblower “Bounty Hunters” Under the Dodd-Frank Legislation

If you can imagine Wall Street as an Old West Dodge City and the U. S. Securities & Exchange Commission as the local marshal, “wanted” signs are being figuratively nailed up for U. S. public companies and a new class of whistleblower “bounty hunters” will be lining up in hopes of million dollar rewards.  Section…


Sai Sireesh: Top Six Basel III Design Elements

Let’s start learning LR, LCR, NSFR, Capital Surcharge, Gone Concern! A mouthful isn’t it?   Well, Basel III is coming our way sooner than expected! The much awaited (do I hear a groan?!) Basel III regulation is getting its final touches. The Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision – the oversight body of the…


Jeff Jinnett: Framework for Designing Applications for Microsoft Surface®

Microsoft Surface® is a table-top computer that responds to natural hand movements and tag-enabled objects, with four unique capabilities: (a) direct interaction (users can interact with content on-screen by touch and gesture), (b) multi-user experience  (the display enables several people to interact in a face-to-face computing experience), (c) multi-touch (the display responds not just to…


Sai Sireesh: Stress Testing – Measuring Systemic Risk Across the Globe

Last year, the European Union was exploring a Systemic Risk Council to better manage risks. A small, but significant step towards a consolidated EU Systemic Risk management is the recent round of Stress Tests in EU. As we know, the American banks underwent a similar stress testing exercise early in 2009. Ten of 19 large US banks were…