What I did in the summer of ’91 – The debugger as a sampling profiler

While speaking with some of our internal performance engineers the other day, I was reminded of the method I’ve been using to explain sampling profiling to customers.  Since I don’t think it has made it into any of the official documentation or blogs, I’ll take a moment or two to share it with a broader…


ASP.NET Profiling – Off Road

I just posted an article about profiling ASP.NET applications ‘Off Road’. http://blogs.msdn.com/graycode/articles/AspNetOffRoadProfilingArticle.aspx May it provide many hours of pleasure for those who enjoy digging around the edges of the ‘mainline’ experience.


Off Road Profiling of ASP.NET Applications

David Gray, Developer, Dynamic Analysis Team, VSTS Introduction: The VSTS profiler team sweated blood for beta2 to get the ‘click and go’ profiling of ASP.NET application to work smoothly. I believe the effort paid off and for mainline developer scenarios, you should be able to open a website in visual studio, run the peformance wizard…



HE’S BACK After spending a number of years OOM (Outside Of Microsoft) I was seduced by the promise of working on a profiler.  Since I occasionally feel the need for speed, I couldn’t resist and returned to Microsoft in the fall of 2003.  I was a debugger developer during a good part of my initial…