Remodel Marches On

Well, my house is half torn apart and the new parts are about half-built.  There’s not much to talk about here at work, as we’re busy finishing off the last few bugs and getting everything up to snuff.  The question in my mind is which will finish first, my house or Whidbey… –Grant


I’ve run out of ideas again

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve run out of ideas to write about.  I’m sure there’s still a few things I know that I haven’t explained, btu I can’t remember them… If you’ve been dying to know something about the C# compiler, ALink, CLR file formats, 64-bit JITs, please ask,a nd I’ll see what I…


Some Clarifications

In my previous post The problem with being second, it seems like there was a lot of confusion.  I’m going to attempt to clarify some of that.  The heart of that post was meant to point out that people/developers don’t always how close or far they are from a spec, until somebody else tries to…


64bit versus 32bit

Please don’t start a flame war over this.  It is meant as more of a Dilbert-style post with just the slightest bit of real technical content. 64-bit machines are twice as fast as 32-bit machines because they have more bits. Believe it or not there are still some people inside and outside Microsoft that believe…


The problem with being second

First, hats off to the Mono team.  I think they’ve done a great job at writing some great software, but also at proving that evil MS really does know how to produce a truly common language runtime that can be properly standardized and ported to other platforms and languages. Now for the meat of my blog. …


Shameless Plug

Personally I think the MS marketing team really did rop the ball.  They we’re so busy promoting .NET that when VC 7.0 (aka 2002) and VC 7.1 (2003) shipped they forgot to mention all the tons of cool purely-native improvements in the product.  Well now in Whidbey (8.0 Beta 1 is availible for download), they’ve…



It seems like a lot of the time we (as software developers) are forced to make trade-offs.  Choosing between 2 algorithms that solve the same problem, but with different characteristics.  Sometimes it’s an easy choice: option #1 is O(1) and option #2 is O(n^3).  Sometimes we’re forced to compare apples and oranges: option #1 runs…


Why doesn’t the C# compiler accept /resource:*.resources?

Well, here I am finally getting back to this. In my previous post on resources, I glossed over one issue.  Not all managed resources are exactly what they seem.  Specifically at the metadata/compiler level, there is a table that simply points to the resource and gives it a name.  This is very similar to how Win32…



I’ve seen this come up in conversations a few times so I thought others might be interested in it too. First off, I think since the large majority of us use x86-based processors we forget that one day in our CS or EE class where they talked about alignment.  So technically this should just be…