Some of my opinions on Generics

Disclaimer: These are all my opinions, so don’t take them to mean anything more than the futile thoughts of an insignificant bystander who happened to be fortunate enough to listen to a few of the C# language design meetings and occasionally interact with some of the designers. John and a few others have compared the…


More Info on Base Addresses

Another Microsoftie, Josh Williams follows my blogs and pointed out another case where a base address matters: NGEN.  When you NGEN your assemblies, the new images are loaded at the same base address as the original binaries.  As Josh pointed out to me, NGEN images do have significantly more relocations (similar to a real native…


More Q&A – Why No Generic Attributes?

Question from Wes Haggard: A while back I posted about having a generic type inherit from Attribute. Do you know why this is prohibited in C#? My attempted response: I used to think it wasa a CLI restriction, but now I’ve scoured the docs and can’t find anything like that.  So, you’ll have to…


More Q&A – C# Project settings

Question from Eric Wilson: Could you do a post on what the settings on the Advanced Tab in Visual Studio.Net for C# projects are for and when you should use them? My lame response: I’ve only occasionally had to deal with the project-system guys that more or less own that ‘Tab”, so I can’t even…


Why can’t I do XYZ in C#?

First off I’m not a language lawyer, or an expert.  I am only sharing some of the impressions I’ve gotten from working with the real language designers. Eric Wilson asked why C# doesn’t allow you to call static methods using instance pointers.  My answer would be two-fold: C# is very explicit.  There’s generally one and…


I’ve run out of ideas again

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve run out of ideas to write about.  I’m sure there’s still a few things I know that I haven’t explained, btu I can’t remember them… If you’ve been dying to know something about the C# compiler, ALink, CLR file formats, 64-bit JITs, please ask,a nd I’ll see what I…


64-bit beta is official!

Finally I have something to write about!  There’s a new section on MSDN that is definitely worth reading: 64-Bit .NET Framework ( Now you only need a new 64-bit machine and OS to try it out on. –Grant