Five years at Microsoft and a new job

Recently, I completed 5 years of service at Microsoft. The company makes a big deal of anniversaries that fall on the 5-year milestones with increasingly larger "optical crystal" monuments.

Optical crystal service awards

As part of my anniversary, I also imported another tradition back to my local branch office from my time in Redmond. The tradition says that on your anniversary, you bring in 1 pound of M&Ms for each year of service and share it in a bowl outside your office. I'll tell you that 2.2kg doesn't go far once people get the after-lunch munchies. :)

Bowl of M&M

I'm pleased to mark this anniversary, since it represents the longest time to date that I've been with a single employer. However, that is one of the beauties of a large company like Microsoft - there is the opportunity to change jobs and gain different experiences, but remain with the same company.


New Job: Senior Service Engineer, Team Foundation Service

Yes, that's right, I have another new job. As a Service Engineer, I'll be in the engine room of keeping the service humming along, on-boarding new and exciting services (like the Load Testing Service) and evolving the maturity of the services. My main area of focus is on improving the efficiency of the Service Delivery team through automation and engineering improvements.

My history at Microsoft so far has been quite broad, which actually reflects how I approach most things:

Perhaps the most exciting part of the role, is that I will remain in Australia and work 100% from home with the occasional trip to the mother ships (Redmond/Raleigh). My experience so far has been a little different to Scott's, but I'm planning a follow-up post on what it's like to be a remote worker, in a completely different time zone. Part of running a global service like the TF Service is that there are customers in all time zones around the world using it. The Service Delivery team now has around-the-world coverage with me in Australia and other team members in India, Europe, North Carolina and Seattle. We’re still ironing out the processes as we get ready to launch the commercial service before the end of 2013.

After a break of a few years, I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of the Server and Tools Division Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Group again. I'm working amongst some of the brightest people I know and I am looking forward to having a huge impact on software and services that are relied upon by developers around the world.

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  1. Hassan says:

    Congrats Grant, well deserved! Good luck in your new position of Senior Service Engineer Team Foundation Service!

    Best Regards,

    Hassan Fadili


    VS ALM Ranger / Consultant/ Trainer

  2. Anthony Borton says:

    Congratulations on the new job mate.


  3. Jeff Beehler (MSFT) says:

    Welcome back Grant!  It's great to have you on the team again!

  4. Congratulations!  

  5. safer at night says:

    Hey Grant, congrats.. we'll be "safer at night" with TF Service having you there ;).

  6. Serkan Inci says:

    Congratulations on your new role Grant! I'm eager to hear your experience about working from home in a completely different time zone :)

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