TFS Administration Tool 2.2 Released

I am pleased to announce that the TFS Administration Tool 2.2 has been released. This release works against Team Foundation Server 2012 and installs on a machine with Team Explorer 2012. You no longer need to install Team Explorer 2010 to use this tool.

Download TFS Administration Tool 2.2 (1.55 MB, MSI)

The TFS Administration Tool allows administrators to manage permissions across TFS, SharePoint and Reporting Services from one convenient interface.

Changes made:

  • Built the tool against the TFS2012 object model (v11.0 assemblies)
  • Updated the installer to look for the TFS2012 object model as a dependency
  • Updated the installer to support version upgrades in the future
  • Removed all references to 2.1 in the UI and installer
  • Updated assembly and installer versions to 2.2

There are no functional changes between the previous release (2.1) and this release – it was mostly just a recompile.

If you find a bug, please open an issue and include either the contents of the "Output" window or the contents of the log file saved in the "Logs" folder so that we can easily reproduce and investigate the problem.

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  1. Daniel Oliveira says:

    That's cool! Great job, Grant!

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