TFS: Empty Process Template

Over the last few years, I've occasionally had a need for an empty or minimal process template. For example:

  • You are setting up a sync with the TFS Integration Tools and you want to do a "context sync" (i.e. let the tool copy the Work Item Types, Areas/Iterations, Global Lists from one server to another)
  • You have a project for source control only and don't want any work item types
  • You are testing changes to a Work Item Type and don't want to be bothered with field conflicts (e.g. if you're retrofitting a project to work with Microsoft Test Manager that was upgraded from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010)

Typically, my process is as follows:

  • Create a new Team Project Collection on the server
  • Don't create any Team Projects in the collection
  • Download the MSF Agile Process Template
  • Strip out everything that is not required (i.e. SharePoint, Reporting, Lab, Build, Work Item Types, Queries, etc)
  • Rename it to the Empty Process Template
  • Upload it to the TPC
  • Create a new Team Project using the Empty Process Template

I'm going to save you (and me) a bunch of time and let you download the Empty Process Template that I’ve already created.

A word of warning: When using this process template, there are some problems that you can have in the future. Problems that I’ve come across:

  • No Build Process Templates. Since the ‘Build’ parts are taken out of the process template, DefaultTemplate.xaml and UpgradeTemplate.xaml won’t get uploaded.
  • Work Item Categories are empty. This means that you can’t use Microsoft Test Manager with the project until you add them in again.
  • Lab Management won’t work with the team project.
  • Other problems with permissions (build, work item query folders, Lab Management, etc) – since many permissions are set during team project creation.

Empty Process

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  1. Jason says:

    Are there any plans to offer a Scrumban process template for teams using Scrumban?  

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