TFS Performance Report Pack now works with SSRS2005

Back in February, I released some of the reports that were created for our internal TFS servers on my blog as the TFS Performance Report Pack. I got countless emails and comments on the fact that some of them didn’t work with SQL Reporting Services 2005.

Fortunately, Jim Saunders from the Developer Support team at Microsoft (who have a great blog!) has re-created the three reports in the pack that required SQL2008 Reporting Services. Just download a different version of the reports from here and replace the ones in the original zip file.

From the support team blog:

...He lists SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services as a requirement, with a note that they should work in SSRS 2005. It turns out some of the reports function under both SSRS 2008 and 2005, some do not. Several posters have mentioned incompatibilities with some reports and SSRS 2005.

These reports are compatible with either SSRS version:

  • Server Status - Historical Performance Trends.rdl
  • Server Status - Recent Performance Trends.rdl
  • Server Status - Top Users Bypassing Proxies.rdl

These reports require SSRS 2008:

  • Execution Time Summary.rdl
  • Execution Time for User.rdl
  • Server Status - Source Control Request Queue.rdl

I have created versions of the three reports above that are functionally similar to Grant's reports, but also work with SSRS 2005. You can download my updated reports here. To use my reports, install Grant's TFS Performance Report Pack, and replace the three reports with the versions in the zip file I provided.

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  1. Federico says:

    Fantastic! It works smoothly with SSRS2005. Great Job!!

  2. Tim Mellor says:

    I love the performance reports, they give us a view into our data that we haven’t seen before.  The one strange behavior is on the "Top Users Bypassing Proxies" report, several user have the proxy set but are still showing up on this report.  I’ve verified that the proxy is indeed functioning (hit counts are going up).  Any ideas?  We are using SSRS2005.

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