TFS Adoption at Microsoft – May 2009

As promised last week in my Dogfooding TFS show on the RadioTFS podcast, here is the latest on TFS within Microsoft that myself and Brian have posted about in the past.

May had the all-time peak in the total number of unique active users with 15,613. In addition, the total number of source code files stored surpassed 60 million. The total number of projects continues to increase and will end the fiscal year over 3,500, growing by over 1,300 in the last year.  MSIT RXD continues to lead the way using a TFS2010 pre-beta1 build with an average of 100 active users per week.

Summary of growth indicators for the month:

May 2009



Unique Active Users



Total Active Users






Work Items



Source Code Files



We call the internal TFS at Microsoft the “TFS Service Offering”. All the servers are setup and maintained by our partners in Microsoft IT.

Active Users - Service Offering:

Active Users - Service Offering

Projects & Unique Active Users Across Service Offering:

The number of team projects was up by 98 this month. Added to the chart this month are labels for the releases since January 2007 to give some perspective on growth and when versions were released.



Team Builds:

Combined data from across the Service Offering.


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  1. Torkel says:

    I guess many departments within microsoft are forced to use TFS or are there alternatives?

  2. GrantH says:

    @Torkel – Some are forced, some are not.  If you’re a new team starting up, there is nothing forcing you to use TFS.

    However, if you work as part of the larger divisions (DevDiv, Office, Windows, SQL, MSIT) which are using TFS – then they are all using TFS in some form.

  3. Torkel says:

    They use TFS for such big products as Office and Windows? My god the pain that must entail. TFS is a ok product and works good for smaller systems but when projects grow the branch/merge performance can be a problem.

    Also I would have thought that the Windows team used a top of the line source control system with good branch and merge support.

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