My Top 25 search keywords

I’ve been looking at my blog stats for the last couple of months to see what people find valuable on my blog and where my traffic comes from.

Traffic Sources


Search Keywords

It’s clear from my top 25 search keywords that  my posts on the VS2010 CTP and tf.exe Unable to determine the workspace are quite useful.

  1. vs2010
  2. tf30076
  3. vs2010 ctp
  4. unable to determine the workspace
  5. tf84034
  6. grant holliday
  7. tf30330
  8. microsoft tfs
  9. tfs training
  10. team foundation server review
  11. tf.exe unable to determine the workspace
  12. tfs 64 bit
  13. relog sql
  14. team foundation server 2008 books
  15. team foundation server books
  16. "unable to determine the workspace"
  17. unable to determine the workspace.
  18. team foundation server 2008 in action
  19. tfs proxy
  20. tfpt unable to determine the workspace
  21. tf get unable to determine workspace
  22. tfs scripting
  23. team foundation proxy server
  24. install team build
  25. a previous installation of hyper-v integration services has been

My personal goal was to get to a point where I can type “granth <keywords>” into a search engine and it will bring up a blog post that I’ve written. That has worked well :) For example:

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