Remotely connecting to a Hyper-V virtual machine with networking disabled

In a previous blog post, I explained the steps to convert the VS2010 CTP VPC from Virtual PC to Hyper-V. When using virtual machines, sometimes you don’t want them to be connected to any network. This is especially true with the Team Foundation Server 2010 CTP VPC – if you connect it to the network, it probably will stop functioning.

This post explains how you can use the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection tool to connect to a VM running on a remote Hyper-V server. The way this works is that it connects to the Hyper-V instance, then directly to the virtual machine’s console on that instance. It doesn’t require the virtual machine to have networking support enabled.

If your workstation is running Windows Server 2008, then you just need to install the Hyper-V tools and use them. If you are running Windows Vista on your remote workstation, you will need to install one of these packages:

You may also need to enable remote WMI between your computers.

Once you have the VMConnect.exe tool installed at "C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\vmconnect.exe", you can create a shortcut to connect directly to the virtual machine. The syntax is this:


So for example, to connect to the VM by the name of “VS2010CTP” running on the remote machine “MyHyperVServer”, create a shortcut like this:

"C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\vmconnect.exe" MyHyperVServer VS2010CTP

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  1. The only thing I would add is that the user experience is better with Remote Desktop vs. VMConnect.  An internal network connection would at least allow you to use RDP.

    My 2 cents.

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