Downloading all PDC2008 session videos

If you missed out on PDC this year, you probably know that all the sessions were recorded and made available on MSDN’s Channel9. It’s not immediately obvious from the Channel9 site, but it is possible to get an RSS feed of all the videos that are available.

This makes it very easy to download all the videos and convert them to your Zune for commute viewing.

The RSS feed is:


If you want to download all the VSTS2010 sessions that our team presented, these are the direct URLs to the videos:

If you want to download all 130 videos (37Gb), then download the attached PDC2008_Videos.txt file and import it into your favourite download tool. I like Free Download Manager.


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  1. Hi Grant,

    You missed the Cameron Skinner one, it was a very good presentation…

    Here’s the direct link:

    Kind regards..

  2. Thanks JJ, I’ve added it. I agree that it’s a great session!

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  4. Ivara blogs says:

    Lielākā daļa no izstrādātājiem, kas strādā ar Microsoft produktiem vismaz ir dzirdējuši par Professional

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