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Part of my job is evangelizing Team Foundation Server adoption within Microsoft. A colleague recently did a keynote presentation at VSLive! on How Microsoft does development with VSTS. Stephanie’s blog post includes a great presentation overview and demos of the reports that we use within Developer Division.

The Work Item Tracking team also have a series of blog posts on how DevDiv use TFS. Chapter 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6a, 7, 8, 9.

Of course there are also Brian’s TFS Dogfooding statistics as well.

Another part of my job is working with our internal IT department – Microsoft IT. They provide TFS as a service to any internal customer that wants to use it. The Microsoft IT showcase is a site that lists webcasts and records that describe how Microsoft uses it’s own products.

Using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation to Improve IT Processes
Describes MSIT's three-year vision to adopt Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation, a single suite of engineering tools to facilitate planning, development and project management activities.
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Visual Studio Team Foundation 2008 Deployment
Published: 05/09/08 Technical White Paper added 05/30/08 PowerPoint presentation added 06/04/08
By standardizing and centralizing its development environment on Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft IT (MS IT) has realized significant operational, support, and security efficiencies. Over 450 global projects within Microsoft IT are hosted on four TFS instances, which are supported by a single operations team. Data, which previously resided on a variety of source repositories, is now standardized through process templates and a central data source. Development collaboration and communication is enhanced by the consolidation of various sites, file shares, and document repositories into a single SharePoint-integrated document store.
IT Pro Webcast | Technical White Paper | PowerPoint Presentation


Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server at Microsoft
Published: 06/04/07
Historically Microsoft used a variety of internal tools such as Source Depot and Product Studio to manage the software development process. In 2005, Microsoft decided to standardize the process and deliver a consistently high level of service support for the software development process. To do this, Microsoft IT implemented Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (VSTF) and now supports it across multiple product development teams. VSTF provides efficient, secure and reliable storage for crucial assets such as source code files, business requirements, and artwork. Microsoft IT partnered with the VSTF development team and the Microsoft IT data center to provide a centrally managed VSTF environment that utilizes the Microsoft data center environment to provide SAN-based data storage capacity. Because Microsoft IT was the first environment to run VSTF for so many teams, the team encountered application performance issues. Microsoft IT (MS IT) discovered that, based on different deployment scenarios, multiple configurations were required based on unique server and data storage capacity needs. By establishing the multiple configurations, MS IT was able to meet the performance and storage capacity needs of different types of development groups.
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Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server As an Enterprise-Wide Service
Published: 07/28/06 Presentation added: 08/03/06
By deploying Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an enterprise-wide service, Microsoft is standardizing methodologies for project management, software development, and software testing. This standardization provides a much more transparent management view into projects and makes complying with statutory reporting requirements much easier.
Technical Case Study | PowerPoint Presentation


Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Published: 07/14/05
Discussion on the deployment of Visual Studio 2005 Team System in Microsoft IT to centralize source control and work item tracking for development teams.
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