OzTFS.com is down

OzTFS.com is a mailing list that I setup just over two years ago to help people ask questions and get answers quickly on Team Foundation Server. Earlier this year it reached 350 subscribers and had an average of about ~57 messages a month.

All this time the mailing list software has been happily running along on a “community” server in a data center rack sponsored by my former employer Readify. This server also hosts other Australian community lists like OzSilverlight & OzMoss.

Last week the server had a hardware failure and the Readify IT guys are going to perform some surgery to get it back up and running and then virtualize it.

At this stage we don’t have an ETA of when it will be back up, but hang in tight. If you have a pressing TFS question, post it up on the Visual Studio Team System MSDN Forums or the new Q&A community StackOverflow.com.

Update: Everything's back up now.

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