What happens if I delete the TFSSETUP account?

In the TFS Installation Guide (TFSInstall.chm) for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2008 and 2005, we use the placeholder of “TFSSETUP” for the administrative user that is performing the TFS installation.

In TFS 2008, it’s safe to delete this account from Active Directory without impacting future patching or upgrades of TFS.

In TFS 2005 there was a problem that the TFS maintenance jobs in SQL were owned by the user who installed TFS – this meant that if you deleted the account, the jobs would fail to run because the identity no longer exists. The workaround for this in TFS2005 is to set the job owner to ‘sa’. You don’t need to be running mixed-mode authentication for this to work, as ‘sa’ just maps to the account that SQL is running as (whether it be a domain account or Network Service). Once you have changed the job owner, you can safely delete the TFSSETUP account.

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