How do I find the Cache Hit Ratio on my TFS AT server?

Both a TFS Proxy server and a TFS Application Tier include a Version Control cache on disk. This allows each of the servers to service simple Download() requests without having to go to the Data Tier.

A “Cache Hit Rate” is represents as a percentage how many requests were able to be served from the cache, instead of going to the Data Tier (or in the case of the Proxy – to the Application Tier). A higher percentage is better.

If you have a TFS Proxy server, you can use TfsServerManager from the Team Foundation Power Tools to find out the Cache Hit Rate.

What I didn’t know is that you can also call a web service on the Application Tier server to get the same numbers. This is the same web service and instructions detailed on this MSDN page How to: Examine Cache Performance for Team Foundation Server Proxy – but use it on the AT.

You should get a response with the following attributes:










You could also write a utility that calls this webservice for you instead of logging on to the server directly.

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi Grant,

    I am doing some investigating on our install that was completed by a former IT employee.  I noticied that when I look at Perfmon there are 2 server instances listed.  One as the server name, the other as the IP address of the box.  Any thoughts on why I would see both of these?  Is there another configuration option out there for the proxy setup?

  2. @Jim

    This would be because two people that have a proxy configured are connecting to the same TFS server using different addresses.

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