TF30076: Confirm that the server name is correct

If you are using the command line TFS tools, you may have come across this error:

TF30076: The server name tfs-server provided does not correspond to a server URI that can be found. Confirm that the server name is correct.

Usually you'll come across this after you've rebuilt your machine or you're working on a build box or something.

Try specifying the full server url address, instead of just the hostname. For example:

tf.exe get . /server:http://tfs-server:8080

When you don’t specify the full URL, the tf command line tools will try and resolve the address using the registry entries in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\TeamFoundation\Servers.

If they don't find a matching key, they will throw this error.

You can also add this key by opening Visual Studio Team Explorer and going to Tools | Connect to TFS | Servers.. | Add.

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  2. selçuk yılmaz says:


    I developed a basic c# class. This class does basic TFS functions. (ex:checkin, check-out…)

    and i use this class in two applications.

    First application is a windows application. And second one is a windows service. (both uses the same class)

    The windows application runs succesfully and versions the files but windows service does not work properly.

    In windows service i get the following error

    "TF30076: The server name provided does not correspond to a server URI that can be found. Confirm that the server name is correct."

    at third line in following source code.

    NetworkCredential TFSCridential = new NetworkCredential(TFSUser, TFSPassword);

    private TeamFoundationServer TFSrv = new TeamFoundationServer(TFSIp, TFSCridential);


  3. @selcuk

    You need to specify the fully-qualified address for the TFSIp parameter. e.g. http://yourserver:8080/

    The windows service probably doesn’t work because it’s running under different credentials to your windows application. The user running the windows application would have the registry key set.

  4. You Love says:

    I run the windows service by setting the accounts property (Account ) in  ServiceProcessInstaller Object to current user in the domain.

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