Run VSSConverter without prompting for password

If you have tried to run VSSConverter as part of an automated script, you’ll know that it’s not obvious how to stop it prompting for the Visual SourceSafe repository’s administrator password.

Eyal points out that you can set two environment variables to achieve this behaviour:

set SourceSCMPasswd=VssPassword
VSSConverter.exe Migrate migrate_settings.xml

Although I haven’t tried it, there’s a suggestion on this thread to try the VS2008 SP1 version of VSSConverter as it’s “vastly improved”.

Note: These options are undocumented and unsupported. They are intended for internal testing.  They should work with current versions of VSSConverter, but they’re not guaranteed to work for future releases.

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  1. Buena frase, pero que tanto podemos acercarnos a esta realidad? Via el (nuevo) blog de Grant Holliday

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  3. Raja says:


    Thanks for the post. The code is Working!!!

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