Multi-Value Controls in Work Items

A Multi-Value control is one which accepts multiple values (duh!). This is useful if for example a bug belongs to multiple components.

Such a control is not available out of the box with TFS2005 or TFS2008. Fortunately CodePlex comes to the rescue again with a project driven in part by Microsoft.



To use custom controls, you will need a few things:

  • You must be running at least TFS 2005 SP1
  • Every client must have the custom controls installed
  • The custom control must be specified in the Work Item Type Definition

If you don’t have the control installed, your work item form will look something like this:

Could not find a part of the path *.wicc

Read more on the CodePlex wiki page.

Comments (1)
  1. Bertrand says:

    This is an OK solution but you will not be able to do any reporting in the cube using this as each string will be stored as a separate value.

    Querying is possible.

    Hopefully Microsoft will develop a proper solution as this a feature a other enterprise Work Item tools have.

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