Synchronizing a file share with source control

A question came up the other day:

I have a directory structure checked into TFS version control.  I’d like to synchronize this with another directory that is not under source control. 

Before starting, I have to refer you to the Visual Studio 2008 Team System Licensing White Paper with regards to Client Access Licenses (CALs) required - page 7 will be of most interest.

The good news is that like most things in the software world, it’s already been done before.

TFS File Sync

This solution was developed to address the need to automatically propagate specific files in the Team Foundation Server version control to a predefined path. Both "normal" UNC or local machine paths (e.g. "\\server1\project" or "c:\sc\server1\project"), and Sharepoint destinations are supported (the latter being expressed as only a UNC path, such as "\\SERVER\sites\Sitename\Document Library").

Ryan Farber is the coordinator responsible for this project as well as the TFS Code Review Workflow project. Great work!

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  1. Grant Holliday, an MVP from Australia, recently joined Microsoft’s VSTS team and has moved to Redmond.

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