How to: Copy and paste workspace mappings

One of the very little known tricks when dealing with Workspace mappings in TFS Source Control is that you can actually copy & paste working folders. This can be useful if you need to share workspace mappings between team members. You can just copy and paste them between developers.

To create a new mapping, you need to specify Source Control Folder & Local Folder pairs separated by “:” (colons).

For example, author the following mappings in notepad and copy them to the clipboard.

Notepad showing workspace mappings

Then open the File | Source Control | Workspaces | Edit.. window.

If you right-click and select “Paste”, or just press Ctrl-C, it will parse and paste the mappings into the dialog.

Edit workspace dialog with context menu showing Paste

And the result is this:

Working folders pane showing pasted working folders

What is interesting with workspace mappings is that neither the Source Control Folder or the Local Folder have to be valid. I’m not sure why this is but I’ve asked the question.

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  1. I’ve worked with teams that have a common way of configuring workspace and working folder mappings. Although

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks!  This saved me a ton of time when switching from one pc to another.

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