How do you install Team Build?

The first step should always be “Am I licensed for it?”. This is something you’ll have to determine for yourself but the answer is usually yes. Refer to the Visual Studio 2008 Team System Licensing White Paper for all the details. Here’s an except:

It is important to note here that while there will be server-to-server communication between Team Foundation Server and the device hosting Team Foundation Build, no Team Foundation Server CAL is required for that device as part of the build process as long as the users managing the build process have Team Foundation Server CALs. In addition, Team Foundation Build is considered “additional software” and may be freely redistributed onto build servers without requiring any additional Team Foundation Server licenses for that build server.

The second step will be “Where are the setup files?”. In Team System 2005 and 2008, Team Build is included on the Team Foundation Server media under a subfolder called BUILD. You can also access it from the AutoRun dialog that shows up when you mount the media.

TFS Server Media Root Folder
















You’ll need a service account to run team build as. Two words of advice/warning:

  • Don’t use the TFSSERVICE account for build!

  • Don’t use an account that has administrative rights!






The reason for this is quite simple: TFSSERVICE is a “God” user in TFS – it can do absolutely anything. You don’t want to allow anybody to run a build with these credentials.

After this, the installation is pretty straightforward. Enjoy!

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