You might remember me from such blogs as OzGrant.com, mailing lists such as OzTFS.com, the Team System MVP's list and the world's first hosted Team Foundation Server - TFSNow.com.

Just over two months ago I interviewed for a position on the VSTS team in Redmond, Seattle. I hastily accepted the offer and after jumping through some visa hoops, I've relocated from Canberra, Australia.

What's your new role?

It will take me a little while to settle in to the team but I can already see the different things I'll be involved in:

  • Supporting the existing internal TFS servers at Microsoft (there's more than a few!)
  • Consulting to other product teams at Microsoft on what needs to happen for them to adopt TFS
  • Continue working with the community
  • Ensuring that the lessons learnt internally get bubbled up to our customers

Why three blogs?

  1. http://OzGrant.com/ will be my personal blog. I'll talk about the visa, relocation & cultural experiences of my time here. This will be one of the ways I'll stay in touch with friends & family back home in Australia.
  2. http://blogs.msdn.com/granth/ will be my work blog. A purely TFS/Microsoft focused blog.
  3. http://moblog.OzGrant.com/ will be my photo blog. This is where I take photos using my phone and upload them to a blog - it's a great way to share experiences.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and don't forget to subscribe to the new feed: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/granth/atom.aspx

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  1. Congratulations on getting your blue badge, and your own msdn.com blog as well – you certainly seem to be finding your way round quick enough!

    I’ll be interested to hear some of the challenges when driving internal TFS adoption, hope you will be able to share some of that.  But also plenty of dogfooding tales and tips from running so many large TFS instances in a large company with mature processes.

    Have fun in your new job.  Looking forward to meeting up next time I am around the area.

    Take care,


  2. Great stuff Grant, looking forward to hearing about your adventures ‘on the inside’.

    I trust that you and Em are settling in OK over there.

  3. Dugie says:

    *sniff*; All my friends have moved to Redmond!!! =)  Congrats buddy, and welcome back to the blogosphere as a blue badge!!

  4. Ramon Duraes says:

    Hi Grant,

    A lot of success in their new projects!

    Live Team System !


  5. Congratulations on your first post as a new Microsoft employee!

  6. Joe says:


    I am looking for an article you did on your old ozgrant.com blog on delay signing strong name assemblys in tfs. The article is dated

    Back in 2008/03/13. I wonder if you still have it archived?

    Cheers joe

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