IM release frenzy

Windows Messenger 5.1, the Instant Messaging client application used with Live Communications Server 2005, is now available to download. The accompanying Real-Time Communications Client API SDK 1.3 has also been posted for download. What’s more, the beta version of MSN Messenger 7 is now available, featuring close integration with the new MSN Spaces service! Form an…


SharePoint Storage Overview – MSDE vs WMSDE vs SQL Server 2000

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS 2003) offers the choice of using either Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to store the databases. MSDE is limited in a number of ways, including a maximum size limit of 2GB and a maximum of 5 concurrent user connections – meaning that it…


SPS 2003 Service Pack 1 and WSS Service Pack 1 released

You can read about the updates in the Press Release or download them directly using these links: Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 1   |   [fix list] SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Service Pack 1   |   [fix list] You will need to install WSS SP1 before applying SPS SP1.  


New white paper: Using the Topic Assistant in SharePoint Portal Server 2003

The Topic Assistant in Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 can be used to automatically associate content on the portal site with areas on the portal site. The Topic Assistant uses areas associated with a training set of documents to suggest areas for content when the content index is crawled. Read the new white paper…


Using Tabs to convert Windows Messenger 5.0 into an email client (and other things)

  There are a number of ways that Windows Messenger 5.0 can be ‘branded’, something typically done by administrators to provide corporate links or content within the Windows Messenger client:   Conversation Window Image – a clickable ‘banner ad’ that appears across the bottom of the conversation window, providing a hyperlink to a web page…


Live Communications Server 2005 to link to AOL, MSN and Yahoo! IM

Microsoft, America Online, MSN and Yahoo! Announce Industry-First Connectivity to Enterprise Instant Messaging Users Interesting announcement made yesterday: when LCS 2005 ships it will allow organisations to securely federate, and now (with the Connectivity Pack) to also connect to the three major public IM networks. Great news – also makes sense given recent headlines.  


Migrating documents into SharePoint – tools and tips to improve performance

An important part of any large SharePoint deployment project is the migration of content across from other data stores. Recently I’ve seen a few customers experience problems or poor performance when migrating large numbers of documents into SharePoint (note that I’m referring to SPS 2003 and WSS). Typically the upload starts transferring well, but the connection…


Hello World!

Hi there. I’ve been thinking about what to use as the title for this, my first blog post, and after much internal debate I’ve gone with the first thing that came to mind. Welcome to the Goldfish Bowl 🙂 I am a developer consultant at Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK, with a focus on enterprise…