Changes to management of ‘TokenAndPermUserStore’ in SQL 2005 SP3

SQL Server 2005 service pack 3 released today and you can download it from here: One of the most interesting and useful bits which I am interested in (apart from the bug fixes rolled up from all the cumulative updates) is the new ability to manage to the ‘TokenAndPermUserStore’ cache with more control. Many…


SQL Server Database Mirroring error 1443 – Connection Handshake Failed

Here’s another error that I picked from the forums today, which I see a fair number of occurrences of, both in the public forums on the web and internally in MS support as well. You attempt to enable database mirroring and you receive the following: Database Mirroring login attempt failed with error: ‘Connection handshake failed….


Database Mirroring Error 1418 Troubleshooter

I’ve been posting in the MSDN and TECHNET mirroring forums in the last few days and I’ve noticed a lot of occurrences of the 1418 error which I have referred to briefly in this blog before. Therefore I thought I’d post a 1418 specific troubleshooter for reference. The problem we’re trying to solve is that…