Attention mobile developers! New device capabilities data from Microsoft being released on CodePlex, announced at MIX

PD-E’s Mobile Browse Platform team is excited to be releasing the Mobile Device Browser File, an XML file containing the web browsing capabilities of 500+ of the most common mobile phones, such as screen width and height, supported image and video types, and level of HTML support. ASP.NET developers can use this XML file (called a browser file, or “.browser”) to easily optimize their mobile web sites for 100s of different mobile devices.

Chris Woods, a program manager on our team in Dublin, presented a session on this service at the MIX ’09 conference (click here for Chris’s video presentation), and you can read more and download the file off our CodePlex site here.

This solution was originally developed for Hotmail, Live Search, and other Windows Live and MSN services, and is used extensively within Microsoft. This represents a major opportunity for the .NET developer community.

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