New Silverlight Treemap

Microsoft’s Global Product Development team in Europe recently completed its Treemap control for visualising hierarchical data, seen below.  You can read more about it here and leave your feedback. If you are excited by what you see us doing, check us out at


Silverlight Treemap Control

Microsoft’s Global Product Development – Europe team recently released a Silverlight version of the Treemap visualization for adCenter Analytics.  Below we can see it displaying site traffic by user occupation: You can read more about it on this blog post, or access it via your adCenter account (go here to sign up). But, like any…


New adCenter "path visualization" featured

Jonathan, a PM on our adCenter, recently wrote a blog post for the adCenter Community blog about the new “path visualization” feature in adCenter Analytics (see below for a picture). The full post can be read here:


Experimentation Platform team published a new paper

Microsoft’s Experimentation Platform team, which includes developers in Dublin, recently published a paper in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.  The paper, titled “Controlled experiments on the web:survey and practical guide”, discusses how Microsoft uses controlled experiments to allow end users to guide the development of features. Summary: Full text (PDF):


Mary Jo Foley talks about the Experimentation Platform (ExP)

On April 16th, Mary Jo Foley published an article called “Microsoft looks to make product planning more science than art” where she talks about the technology, the opportunity and interviews Ronny Kohavi, the General Manager of ExP.  The article goes into the history of the team and the project at Microsoft.  A big part of…


New JavaScript Memory Leak Detector from our team

One of the developers on our adCenter project, Paolo Severini, created an amazing new tool for detecting memory leaks in JavaScript. It can be installed as an Internet Explorer band and it is designed to find memory leaks in JavaScript code that runs in Internet Explorer. Read more about it on this page and provide your…