Our adCenter work in the limelight

Yesterday at the eMetrics conference in Washington D.C., Ian Thomas presented some of the upcoming features of Microsoft Gatineau, a web and online advertising analytics service.

Our team in Dublin delivered several of the features mentioned in the talk including two highlighted in this blog post from Alex Cohen -- what Alex calls "Time Shifter" (sort of an ad campaign timeline) and "Treemap", a neat way to view hierarchical data like search engine referrals.

Here are a couple screenshots of these features from an earlier presentation by Ian:


 You can sign up to beta test Microsoft Gatineau here: http://advertising.microsoft.com/Gatineau

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  1. Alex says:

    Hey GPDE,

    Thanks for linking to us.  Would you like to give a proper name to "timeshifter"?  Do you have any other insights you’d like to share about Gatineau?



    Drope me a line, alex @ alexlcohen . com

  2. Dan Stevenson says:

    Alex, thanks for the comment. We don’t have anything else to share at this time, but once Gatineau is publicly available, expect to hear a lot more from us on those features.

    – GPDE Bloggers

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