Temple scene with Maya Fluids, Particle Dynamics and Realflow Meshes

Here is a brief demonstration of Maya fluids, particle dynamics and Nurbs combined together to create an early morning Temple scene effect. The light source is being animated with soft body particle dynamics, while the smoke emitting from sticks is typical fluid. The background haze & ray effect is created with a spot light shadowing…


Animating a Tree Growth

Here is a brief demonstration of tree growth animation in Vue. Animating the Diameter, Gnarl, Falloff, length and other related parameters gives the required result. Also note the growing grass at the base of the tree and the animated clouds. For more, visit: http://gopalakrishna.palem.in/vfx/


Fixing JDKMidi to auto sort MIDI Events

After reviewing many existing C/C++ MIDI libraries, it appears JDKMidi seems to be the one having the features required by many midddlware libraries. However, JDKMIDI library (as of Revision 560) suffers a huge drawback of not being able to auto sort the MIDI events. You have to supply the events in correct time order. Fortunately,…


Maya 2010 to include Compositing and Camera Tracking Tools

Autodesk, as usual, announced its next version of Maya at Siggraph. The interesting part, however, is the range of tools planned to be shipped as part of it: Maya Composite high dynamic range compositing system Matchmoving camera tracking system Additional MentalRay for batch rendering nodes etc… Not to mention the entire Maya unlimited 2009 tool-set…


How to make QT SDK work with VisualStudio (Express/Complete)

You can use the following steps to make QT SDK work with your Visual Studio (either express version or commercial version). Download the QT SDK from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/sdk-windows-cpp If you do not have VisualStudio get Express version for free from http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/ Once QT and VisualStudio both are installed and ready, open the VisualStudio Command Prompt (from…


How to make my water surface animate in Vue?

When a Water object is added to the Vue scene, it will be in a staic form without any animation applied to its surface. If you would like to have the water surface animated, then we have to enable its Displaced Water Surface property. This property allows the waves at the surface to be converted…