It’s been a treat working with all the various team to make Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and deliver it to the world.  We could have never done it without… Operations.  Making it available for new sales, transitioning existing customers and making sure all of our systems are ready.  Creating the new Perpetual pricing.  This new…


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Is Now Available!

Announcing Microsoft DynamicsGP 2013 – Quick to Implement, Easy to Use Business Solution for SMBs releasedtoday.   I’m delighted to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available! This landmark release builds on a strong product foundation and introduces significant new and enhanced features and capabilities across the product that are designed to help…


Partners: A New Tool that Help Your Salespeople

Now we have a new sales tool that can really change how you do demos, how you engage with prospects and who you actually have doing demos.  Dynemo! This tool will reduce the amount of time it takes to create a demo.  It will give more non-technical salespeople options to demo.  Take some time and…


Collections Management in SPLA for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

It has come to our attention that for a brief time there was a PartnerSource message posted in error regarding Collections Management in SPLA for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  Collections Management WILL be included in the Full User for SPLA on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 beginning in January.  Please disregard a message posted erroneously on…


Becoming a Believer

While I’ve been known to be a realistic person and sometimes called a skeptic, for several months I barked about magic fair dust.  Over time I became a believer that we would be able to accomplish the impossible task of creating a web client. From printing, to security, to excel reports, to pefrormance, to customizations… For many months…


Updated: Important Announcement for all Extender Customers and Partners

  Customers who Own Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Recently, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender will be transitioned back to eOne Solutions, the product developer.  If you are current on an Extender maintenance plan when Microsoft Dynamics GP becomes generally available in December you will have rights to the 2013 version of Extender.  You…


An Inside Look to Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of my main contacts in development is Paul Lindgren.  He is the release manager who organizes the releases and keeps everyone on track.  We did an interview with him to talk about his role to give you an inside look into the inner workings of how we create innovative products and release them.


Software Magic

Several years ago when we started planning for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 along with shipping Dynamics GP 2010, I had a chat with one of our developers.  He had a crazy idea of bringing Dynamics GP to the web.  I immediately said, impossible with how Microsoft Dynamics GP works, it would be such a large…


Feature of the Day: Shipping

In the software business it’s a complicated process to decide what features go into a release since you can’t add everything you want to.  In every release program we need to make decisions to round down the list. Many years ago, I was told that shipping is a feature.  Getting the product out the door…