NEW Microsoft Dynamics GP dashboard templates for Microsoft Office 365 available now

At the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift in September we showed the extended value proposition of Microsoft Dynamics GP "IN" Microsoft Office 365 and "ON" Microsoft Azure.

To help our partners show this value we have provided pre-built dashboards that can be used to create a Microsoft Office 365 Team Site for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  When demoing Microsoft Dynamics GP you should also consider deploying SRS and Excel Reports to Microsoft Office 365 to show the "IN" story.  This is the first iteration of a concept that we will be enhancing in the future.

Please download and show the dashboards to differentiate yourselves with the "One Business Solution from Microsoft" story.

Download here.



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  1. Ed Nielsen says:


    I am intrigued by the ideas presented in your post and believe they bring value to our mid-market customers.  In trying to implement this solution on our office 365 site, I am receiving a few errors creating a new subsite from the custom template.  How can I receive assistance from MSFT on this?

  2. Ed,  the best response for errors would be to contact our support department.  The same support as for Microsoft Dynamics GP.…/support.aspx

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