Weekly Topic: Multi-tenant

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP is multi-tenant?  Do you know why you should care?

The Multi-tenant Microsoft Dynamics GP Web feature provides the ability to host multiple tenants on a single instance of the application.  In basic terms, you can have multiple DYNAMICS databases on the same SQL Server instance.

A few of the reasons you should care:

1.  Makes it easier to host GP in a multi-customer environment.

2.  Customers with many company databases can deploy them in groups making it easier to apply service packs and upgrades.

3.  Web Client.  Enough Said.

4.  It’s multi-tenant the right way.  It gives you control of your deployment with the flexibility to be in the cloud the way you want.


Comments (1)

  1. Brenner Klenzman says:

    While this is nice if your business is hosting GP, I would add a huge #5 that applies to every customer: #5- you can leverage multi-tenancy to deploy a Test System that is completely separated from your live environment, without having the hardware expense and deployment hassle of a physically separate server.  With the Test Server (as opposed to a Test Database), you have a system where you can test new service packs, 3rd party products, and other configuration changes in an environment that has no possibility of affecting your live environment (unlike a Test Database where it is relatively easy to make system changes that affect other companies, or to accidentally perform transactions in live when you think you are in test).