Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Builder Discontinuation Announcement and FAQ

Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Builder Discontinuation Announcement and FAQ

Effective January 1, 2014, SmartList Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP (SmartList Builder) will no longer be offered by Microsoft and all associated SKUs will be removed from the Microsoft Dynamics GP price lists including the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). 

eOne Solutions (eOne), the owner of SmartList Builder, will continue to support existing SmartList Builder customers. eOne will also take responsibility for improving SmartList Builder and selling licenses to and maintenance for the product going forward.  New or existing customers who wish to purchase licenses to SmartList Builder can buy them from eOne (or eOne’s resellers) as of January 1, 2014.  Licenses to SmartListBuilder will be available for purchase from Microsoft until December 31, 2013.

Starting January 1, 2014, Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who obtained licenses to SmartList Builder via the Microsoft Dynamics GP price list will receive a reduction in their Protected List Price and will not be charged enhancement fees for SmartList Builder on their next enhancement renewal date. The license keys for these modules will remain on existing SmartList Builder customers’ accounts, allowing the continued use of the modules.

This announcement provides partners with the 120-days’ notice required pursuant to the Solution Provider Agreement (SPA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did Microsoft and eOne want to transfer SmartList Builder back to eOne?

Answer: Microsoft and eOne review their business relationship and license agreements on a regular basis. Both companies agree that eOne is better positioned to evolve the strategy and product roadmap for SmartList Builder by making it available to partners and customers from eOne. The Extender module was recently successfully transitioned back to eOne, and we expect this transition to be as smooth.  Visit for more information.

Microsoft remains a big supporter of eOne, and eOne remains committed to helping resellers sell more Microsoft Dynamics GP by providing configurable tools like SmartList Builder – that help to differentiate Microsoft Dynamics GP in the mid-market. 


Question: Who is eOne Solutions?

Answer: eOne Solutions is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), with locations in Fargo, ND and Sydney, Australia. eOne has been a key ISV in the Dynamics community for 10 years.  eOne provide many products that enhance the overall Microsoft Dynamics solutions for many thousands of customers.  See for more information.



Question: When is SmartList Builder being removed from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Price List?

Answer: As of January 1, 2014, new licenses to SmartList Builder will no longer be available for purchase on any Microsoft price list, including the Microsoft Dynamics GP Perpetual, Module Based Licensing, Business Ready Licensing or Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA.)



Question: What is the impact on existing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 customers using SmartList Builder?

Answer: Existing SmartList Builder customers will be able to continue using SmartList Builder without any changes until they transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. 

Note: Effective January 1, 2014, existing Smart List Builder customers whose license model transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will need to contact eOne for license keys and the SmartList Builder installation.  Customers should go through their partners to handle this.



Question: What is the impact on existing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 customers who licensed SmartList Builder prior to January 1, 2014?

Answer: Customers who moved to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 before January 1, 2014, will have access to SmartList Builder from Microsoft from Service Pack 2 and prior. In order to get new versions of SmartList Builder beyond Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 existing SmartLlist Builder customers must contact eOne at



Question: What about the customers’ current Microsoft enhancement plan for SmartList Builder?

Answer: The customers’ existing enhancement plan with Microsoft will be remain in effect through their plan expiration date.  The customers’ plan dates will be added to eOne systems which will activate renewal notifications from eOne on plan expiration.  To facilitate a smooth transition, Dynamics GP channel partners will need to verify that their customers are set up with eOne correctly.  Effective January 1, 2014, Microsoft will reduce the Protected List Price to zero for existing SmartList Builder customers. The customer’s enhancement plan renewal quote will be recalculated on the current plan’s expiration.



Question:  What about quotes for customers with enhancement plan expiration dates close to the discontinuation date of January 1, 2014?

Answer:  Microsoft generates and sends quotes 90 days prior to the customer’s enhancement plan expiration date. Effective January 1, 2014 any quotes that include SmartList Builder will be inactivated and recreated to exclude SmartList Builder from the customer’s Protected List Price.  If a new quote hasn’t been created for a customer, Dynamics GP channel partners can create a new quote through My Messages to exclude SmartList Builder.  Microsoft will pay eOne the same amount that the customer paid Microsoft in enhancement fees for their current year on the enhancement plan.



Question: Customers have a Protected List Price with Microsoft for calculation of  annual enhancement for SmartList Builder. Does this protected price remain protected with eOne?

Answer:  eOne is not privy to pricing for SmartList Builder.  eOne’s annual enhancement fees will be calculated using a different percentage and basis than Microsoft. Please visit for more information.



Question:  What should customers who currently own SmartList Builder do?

Answer: Customers should contact their Microsoft Dynamics GP channel partner to ensure that:

  • they are current with their enhancement plan; and
  • their channel partner makes contact with eOne to ensure their details are correct and up to date. This will facilitate an easy transition and help minimize potential issues when upgrading (such as access to the software and registration keys).

For customers who do not have a relationship with a Microsoft Dynamics GP channel partner, please contact eOne directly at to facilitate a smooth transition.



Question: How do customers learn more about SmartList Builder?

Answer: Customers should contact their Dynamics GP channel partner who should have SmartList Builder experts on staff.  For customers who don’t have a partner please contact eOne at  to explore following options:

  • Join an eOne online training session
  • Contact eOne about a specific 1:1 online training session or onsite training classes.
  • Attend an eOne classroom training session held in various major cities throughout the year.



Question: What should Microsoft partners with customers using SmartList Builder do if they do not have a relationship with eOne?

Answer: Contact eOne ( to discuss the possibility of becoming a reseller of eOne’s products. There is a fee to join the eOne reseller program, which will be discounted for new partners through January 1, 2014. Visit for more information.



Question: Does this move mean that Microsoft is losing interest in Microsoft Dynamics GP and their customers.

Answer: Absolutely not. Microsoft is continuously investing in Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, we added over 140 features and introduced a new web client that gives customers more solutions to help them run their business better. Please refer to for further details.


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