New version of Dynamics Business Analyzer Windows 8 App has been published to the Microsoft Store.

The latest Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer release has been published to the Microsoft Store! 

This release includes 3 key areas:

  1. Improved Sample Mode Experience – sample mode
    includes more reports and the ability to select reports by role or individual
    reports.  Sample mode mimics the experience the users will have when
    running with the application configured.
  2. Improved Performance – report meta data is
    cached which helped improve the overall performance of the application
  3. Off Domain Support – users no longer have to be
    on the same domain as the SSRS Server.  The application enables users to
    enter and store credentials.


If you have the existing Business Analyzer installed you will need to reconfigure and reselect the reports you want displayed on your home page once you install the update.  Also, it may take some time for the store to recognize that an update is available so if you want this installed sooner than later you can just uninstall the current application and install from the store. 

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