Where’s the Demo Image??? HERE! Today!

Today I'm happy to announce that we have uploaded the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM V1 Hyper-V image set to PartnerSource for your downloading pleasure.

This has been a huge undertaking, and I know we said it would be Beta code, but it isn't, it's full-release RTM code! 

A little about the image:

  • Dynamics GP 2013 RTM Code with Web Client deployed
  • Management Reporter 2012 with Web Viewer deployed
  • Office 2013 with demo dashboards installed
  • Some bugs (see below) but working and out to you today!
  • And Dynemo - our fantastic Dynamics Demo Engine to help drive your successful demonstrations!

Some reminders about the image set:

  • Image A and Image B MUST be running both at the same time.  You can use as little as 2GB memory for Image A, and as little as 4GB memory for Image B, but more memory will increase the speed of Image B.
  • Image C is optional and used for Lync demonstrations, otherwise you don't need to start it.
  • Image A and Image B need to be able to ping each other.  If you set them up per the instructions (use the 2010 R2 image instructions, with small changes for things like network name) they should work fine.
  • We only support Hyper-V as the virtualization program.  If you port this image to any other tool, it is NOT supported.
  • We only support one NIC in the environment.  If you add a NIC (there are reasons you'd want to, we know), we can't support that.
  • You MUST use (and fully type)       Contoso\Administrator       not just "Administrator" - password is same as it's always been      pass@word1

Some small issues with the image:

  • Please use the GP icon on the taskbar to start GP.  If you use the menu option, you will get an error as it's trying to start GP2010 R2.  We'll fix that on the next release.
  • Office 2010 and Office 2013 are on the image.  I don't think that should be a problem, but just wanted everyone to be aware of it.

All that being said, I am really proud of this image.  I'd like to pass on a huge THANK YOU to two people in particular:

John Dooley - Without all of his tireless efforts on this image, it just simply would not be this good or have happened in a meaninful way.  Also, the key person responsible for Dynemo!

Aaron Donat - Not only did he get the web client up and running, he upgraded the image to RTM code when we had intentions of delivering this as Beta code.

Thank you!

Now, everyone else, use the image and close lots of new sales!  It's a new year!



Jay Manley

Comments (13)
  1. That's great!  However, the link needs to be updated to say 2013 because it currently says 2012 R2.  

  2. Nancy Phillippi says:

    Hi Jay,

    Great news!  Where is the image on PS?  I don't see it.  



  3. Jay Manley says:

    Charles – Yes, it's being updated.  🙂

  4. Jay Manley says:

    Tough crowd…I don't tell you where it is and all of a sudden people are interested.  🙂

    Sorry about that:


  5. Earl Hunt says:

    Is the Private Network still named GP2010 or is it now GP2013?



  6. Jay Manley says:

    It's fine to use GP2010, like on the previous image.  We'll update the manual shortly with new instructions.

  7. Paul Ledbetter says:

    nice work team!  good to have this in ecosystem.  good selling all!

  8. Rob Yoder says:

    I was able to fire up the images and thanks so much for the deep levels of work that went into this!

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced that the demo machines are already expired? I was able to extend the trial by using slmgr -rearm but it's now reporting a mere 10 days remaining on this activation. I know there's two more extensions available, just making sure my experience is typical of others.

  9. Wayne Li says:

    Hi Jay,

    What's the URL to acces the Web Client site on the VM? Do you have a list of components installed on Image A and Image B?



  10. Jay Manley says:

    Wayne – Look in the favorites, the link to the web client is in there.

    Image A is for domain controller only.  Image B is for everything but Lync integration demos.

    Image C is for Lync integration demos.

  11. Lisa Blair Ireland says:

    Is there a release schedule for GP 2013 Service Pack 2?  (Any chance there will be an easy way to get it pre-configured on Azure just like we saw at GP Airlift?)

  12. Pam Misialek says:

    Service Pack 2 has already shipped.  We are working on our Azure deployment story for GP Next which will be a while.

  13. ron.mcvicar says:

    Microsoft now allows the Hyper-V demonstration images for GP 2013 for download, but this link (below) does not include the complete instructions document and many blogs refer to the GP 2010 R2 instructions, but this is not included. Can someone post or help out with the instructions?


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